Intersegmental Traction

What is Intersegmental Traction?

Intersegmental traction may be used to treat the cervical, Thoracic and/or lumbar spines.  Some patients are shown how to use this system at home. The Intersegmental traction is a widely used treatment for low back pain. The patient lies comfortably face up on a table whereby rollers move up and down the spine.


Intersegmental traction is a therapeutic option for patients who are suffering from neck, mid or low back pain. The source could be musclulature, misaligned vertebrae, facet syndrome, bulging or degenerative discs. The aim is to accomplish one or more of the following: pull apart, or distract, the vertebrae; distract and glide the facet joints; widen openings to the spinal canal formed by the vertebrae (also known as the intervertebral foramen); or stretch spinal soft tissue. By widening the space between vertebrae and releasing pressure from the affected disc, pain can be greatly reduced.

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