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Natural Spinal Care is a family-oriented practice. Dr. Roman have taken post-graduate coursework in working especially with expectant mother and children through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. We have developed specific programs designed for mother and child during both pregnancy and after birth, ensuring comfort and care during this crucial times in their lives.

Children are some of the biggest beneficiaries of chiropractic care. Surprised? Those who think of chiropractic as primarily a solution for neck and back problems are surprised to learn that chiropractic can be helpful for many types of childhood health problems. Chiropractic care for children offers your family a solid foundation for wellness. Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, the chiropractic lifestyle offers choices and benefits for your greater health and well-being.

The First Subluxation/Chiropractic Care For Infants

The process of birth is very demanding and quite traumatic for an infant. The brain and spinal cord communicate with the entire body through a series of delicate nerves. The skull protects the brain. The 24 bones of the spinal column house and protect the spinal cord and nerves. During the process of labor and delivery, a tremendous amount of stress is placed on the spine of a newborn. Consequently, the bones of the spine have great potential to misalign, resulting in subluxation. Some common manifestations of subluxation are localized pain, recurrent infections, and difficulty nursing or digesting food. Gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments may help to prevent these problems and allow the nervous system to function at optimal potential.

                               Childrens and chiropractic care

Nervous System Disturbances 

The nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body, controls and regulates the entire body. Many childhood health problems are merely the result of nervous system interference, usually along the spine.

Upon examination, we often find nerve disturbances associated with many types of common childhood health complaints.

While the effects of these nervous system compromises go by a variety of names, chiropractic is not a treatment for them! Our primary aim is to locate and reduce the underlying nervous system dysfunction.

*Research indicates that 11.9% of infants have upper cervical subluxations as a result of in-utero constraint; prolonged labor; difficult delivery; and inadequate head support.(Biederman, 1992) Other studies suggest that 89% of infants with sleeping, feeding, or
digestive disturbances are experiencing subluxations of the spine. (Siefert, 1975)

The following conditions account for 70% of the reasons kids seek
chiropractic care. (excerpt taken from "Kids Need Chiropractic Too!" by Peter
Fysh, D.C.)

Traumatic Birth. Have your newborn checked shortly after birth to detect the effects of in-utero constraint, C-section, vacuum extraction or other aspects of a stressful birth.

Colic. Birth trauma, even from so-called “natural” birthing experiences can often product a child’s first nerve compromise. Lacking the ability to communicate, your baby cries. And cries.

Ear infections. Biomechanical restrictions in the upper spine can compromise the nervous system and immune system, making your child’s ears a breeding ground from viral infection.

Bedwetting. Nervous system compromise in the lower back can block nerve messages responsible for bladder control. Many children regain their confidence and self-esteem with chiropractic care.

Child concentrating on class work

Reducing nervous system tension can improve virtually every aspect of your child’s performance.

ADHD. Many parents investigate conservative chiropractic care before exposing their children to psychotropic drugs. Reducing tension to the nervous system has produced excellent results for many.

Asthma. By reducing neurological compromise to the bronchial tubes, lungs and diaphragm with chiropractic care, attacks can often be reduced or eliminated with chiropractic care.

Growing Pains. Pain of any type is a warning that something isn’t right. While considered a “phase they’re going through,” it’s usually a sign that biomechanical stress to the nervous system is present.

Scoliosis. Instead of crude bracing or the all too common “wait and watch” approach, chiropractic care has helped countless children with this common disfigurement.

Neck or Back pain.  Kids fall quite often which can cause a subluxation of vertebrae.

Headaches.  If your child complains of headaches their cervical spine should be checked by a Chiropractor that sees children on a regular basis.

Digestive Disturbances. Spinal misalignment's in the mid back area can effect the nervous system control to the digestive organs.

Wellness.  An obvious symptom isn’t required! Enjoy the peace of mind of having your infant or child checked to uncover structural or neurological problems before they become serious.

Many of the hard-to-correct problems we see in adults are long-standing problems that began, and remained undetected in childhood. If you have questions, email or give us a call at 925.829.8484 and arrange a telephone consultation. We’re happy to discuss any concern without cost or obligation.

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