Meet The Massage Therapists

Gwendolyn Fuller


I have been working as a massage therapist for almost 15 years.

I received my certification from the Natural Holistic Institute, one of the most established and respected massage therapy schools in the nation. The core values of the institute include the belief in positive energy flow, telling the truth with compassion, sustainability through Kaizen, creativity, and consistency.

I also have a bachelor's degree in psychology.

My personal commitment to myself, family and friends is to be open and accepting. I bring this perspective to my role as a massage therapist. My patient's wellbeing is my primary focus.

My key passion and interest is physical fitness. You will often hear me speak about working out with weights, getting in my 21,000 steps several times a week and hiking the San Ramon trails, including Mt. Diablo.

By understanding how this passion drives me personally, I make knowing what motivates and animates my patients a priority. With this understanding, I am able to apply the most appropriate and effective massage therapy modality. This results in the greatest gains in wellness.

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