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What Does a Holistic Doctor Do?

Have you ever heard of a holistic doctor and wondered what a holistic doctor does differently from a traditional doctor? It comes down to a different mindset to treating conditions. A “chiropractor near me” at Natural Spinal Care in Dublin, CA, looks at multiple aspects of your condition to see what may be causing your pain and then concentrates on a plan to offer you pain relief.

How a Holistic Doctor Is Different

Many times, when a patient visits a doctor with a physical ailment, such as backache, a conventional doctor may prescribe medication to mask the pain. That may work forever or just for a while. If the pain increases, you might need a larger dose of medicine, or the doctor might change your prescription.

On the other hand, a holistic doctor looks at your overall physical and mental health as well as your lifestyle and diet. For a backache, our chiropractor may ask if you have been in a car wreck, even if it was months ago. Or, we may look at your job - do you sit at a desk or drive a truck all day? What is your physical activity level? Are you sedentary, or are you physically active? Have you had a recent weight gain? All those things - things a conventional doctor might never ask - can affect your physical health.

How We Can Help

We offer chiropractic pain relief through such holistic techniques as gentle chiropractic adjustments, massage, exercise, ice and heat therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and we can even offer nutrition advice. We have a drug-free approach to pain management the looks at immediate relief and concentrates on keeping you pain-free in the future.

Get Nutrition Advice, Lifestyle Advice, and Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor for Pain Relief

If you are a fan of not taking any more medication than necessary or worry about becoming addicted to pain medication, call us at (925) 829-8484 to schedule an appointment at Natural Spinal Care in Dublin, CA, where our motto is, "We Listen, We Care, We Get Results!" A “chiropractor near me” is here to help.

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