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If you’re searching for a solution for your chronic condition nightmare, then stay and explore this site in DETAIL. My unique blend of state of the art advanced treatment and diagnostic methods get to the heart of the cause of your condition. When the cause of your health challenge is identified and removed/reduced, your body can begin the miraculous healing process so you can get back to the life you dream about!

The very first thing you should know is—we do things uniquely at Natural Spinal Care Neurology & Nutrition. We don’t do things the same way as other doctors and other health care practitioners.

The strikingly biggest difference is in my treatment philosophy:

We treat the person, not their diagnosis.

Why would we say that?

Well, a diagnosis is just a label, a set of words. It’s what the health care system uses to classify us and put us in neat little boxes that fit the criteria set forth in textbooks. Here at Natural Spinal Care Neurology & Nutrition, we know that you are not that textbook definition, not some label, instead we know that you are a HUMAN BEING!

Now don’t get us wrong, a diagnosis can be useful. If you came to me and said “I have Restless Leg Syndrome,” or “My child has ADHD” I may have a good place to start but everyday people are MIS-DIAGNOSED and given either false hope or needless worry!

Where the problem lies is the chronic conditions diagnosis is just a label. At Natural Spinal Care Neurology & Nutrition we will give you the most important answer of all…. What is the CAUSE or CAUSES of your health challenge(s). Yes, your child may have ADHD, but – WHY does he have it? You may have fibromyalgia or a balance disorder - and the most important question to get answered is WHY! Without this all important factor of knowing WHY you have a particular health challenge, how could we ever begin to think that we may be able to offer some type of relief, not to mention a cure for these debilitating and chronic conditions.

We know there are no cookie cutter protocols for these conditions, again I am dealing with flesh and blood humans, not cold and unfeeling textbooks!

ONLY $89.00!!

Includes an exam, any necessary x-rays, report of findings, and 2 adjustments (Normally over $600.00)

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