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Depression and Anxiety
There is a powerful new way to treat depression and anxiety without the use of medications!

Have you lost your JOY for life? Are you experiencing less pleasure from hobbies, relationships, things you used to enjoy? Are you distracted and anxious? Can't sleep well?

There is help available!

By discovering the exact neurotransmitter deficiency (or combination of neurotransmitters) we can develop a natural, effective and safe approach to treatment of your depression and/or anxiety all without the side-effects of medications. To learn more about neurotransmitters go to: Neurotransmitter - your key to feeling better.

Brain-Based therapy and specific nutritional protocols have been very successful in bringing about help for many people.

In our office, we start with a comprehensive history and questionnaire that provides a starting point for care. Through a urine sample we will be able to see your levels of varias neurotransmitter levels such as; Seratonin, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Glutamate, Histadine as well as other exitatory and inhibitory transmitters. We look at lab work for important neuro-inflammatory markers (Homocysteine, Highly sensitive C-Reactive Protein, blood glucose, serum fibrinogen, cortisol (rhythm and quantity) and hormones).

We also check the integrity of the blood brain barrier. The blood brain barrier is your brains defense against bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other invaders. A GABA challenge test will tell us if your blood brain barrier is intact. This is very important to stop inflammation and accelerated degeneration!

We also test to see if you have other factors (too numerous to mention) that can affect your condition.

Imagine what it would feel like to enjoy your relationships again, or get out of bed refreshed and motivated to start your day! How about being able to handle the stress we all experience in a better way without feeling like you're going to fall apart. Is it possible!

There are safe, effective therapies (see Oxygen enhanced Brain-Based therapy on this site) along with metabolic and nutritional protocols that can help lift and balance your mood.

If you would like to set up a free "Discovery Visit" to see what our Brain Based Therapy can do to help you (or someone you know), please call our office at 925-829-8484.